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HSUN T10 (w5w) CANBUS SMDx5 LED bulb

HSUN T10 (w5w) CANBUS SMDx5 LED bulb

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Base: T10 W5W(194/501)
LED type: LED SMD5050
Number of LEDs: 5
Color: white 5000K
Operating voltage: 12-16V
Consumption: 1,8W@12V | -64%*
Amount of light: 110 Lumen | +120%*
Dimmable: yes
*compared to standard W5W bulb

  • Price is expressed per piece. For 1 pair please put 2 pcs in the cart.
  • If used as parking or licence plate light, this bulb is recommended for vehicles that have CANBUS system for bulb diagnostics, because it won’t display burned bulb notification on OBC (there are some exceptions, see the list below). For most CANBUS vehicles, normal LED bulbs are ok for interior lighting. But if normal LED bulbs are shut down, or if they smolder while not turned on, CANBUS LED bulbs would solve these problems
  • For exterior use it is advised to use G2 model of the same bulb

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12V CANBUS LED SMD bulb for new vehicles, no dashboard / OBC error for burned bulb

  • USAGE for vehicles: interior lighting (dome, reading, foot well, compartment, trunk, door lighting)
  • If normal LED bulbs show burned bulb notification on board computer, or if they are shut down by computer, or if they smolder while they are not turned on, CANBUS bulbs will solve this problem in most cases (there might be exceptions on some vehicles like error for license plate illumination on VW Golf 6 2008.+, Škoda Octavia 2 FL 2009.+, Audi A3 8P FL 2008.+, VAG MQB platform 2012.+, FIAT models 2005.+, Alfa Romeo models 2010.+, also in case when position lights are being shut down by the computer with some CANBUS bulbs on Mercedes models W211, W220 etc.). Above stated side effects can be solved by installing additional CANBUS resistors next to CANBUS or normal LED bulbs: 
    • Osram CANBUS error cancelers for 5W LED bulbs LEDCBCTRL101


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    • Philips CANBUS 5W error cancelers for 21W LED bulbs


      Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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  • Consumption is expressed in watts @ 12V voltage.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 g

LED type

No. of LEDs

Lighting color

Working voltage


Lighting output

Consumption compared to standard bulb

Light output compared to standard bulb


Canbus ready



Luminaire type


1 review for HSUN T10 (w5w) CANBUS SMDx5 LED bulb

  1. DinoD

    Dobro svijetle, ali nisu canbus. Javljaju grešku kada su ugašene, kad ih se upali greška nestane.

    • admin

      Poštovani, žarulje imaju na sebi otpornike (CANBUS), ali sposobnost poništenja greške ovisi od auta do auta. Ako su prejake, previše će se grijati, ako su preslabe, neće se jako grijati, ali neće na niti jednom autu poništiti grešku. U vašem slučaju greška se poništila kada se digao napon vozila zbog upaljenog alternatora. Tada se podignula i potrošnja same žarulje što je bilo dovoljno da kompjutor poništi grešku.

      S ovim modelom bi trebali imati više sreće jer je nešto jači, otpornici su mu na samom grlu pa manje griju žarulju i samim time mogu biti jači.

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