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Osram Truckstar Pro 24V – bulbs with metal and glass bases

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338298_TRUCKSTAR PRO P21 5W 7537TSP724866_TRUCKSTAR PRO R5W 5627TSP32541_R5W724867_TRUCKSTAR PRO R10W 5637TSP48041_TRUCKSTAR R10W 5637LTS724864_TRUCKSTAR PRO PY21W 7510TSP615680_7510TSP724834_ORIGINAL T4W 3930615681_TRUCKSTAR PRO T4W 3930TSP47688_TRUCKSTAR 7511LTS338300_TRUCKSTAR PRO W5W 2845TSP

Osram Truckstar Pro 24V – bulbs with metal and glass bases

Price:6,00 Kn12,00 Kn

  • More than 2x longer lifetime1 – Reduced downtime and fleet costss compared to standard lamps
  • Excellent brightness – More light allows to see farther and therefore react sooner
  • Very high vibration resistance – Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Wide product range
  • Reliable quality
  • Base: P21/5W, w5W, P21W, PY21W, R10W, R5W, T4W
  • Made in Germany (bulbs are supplied directly from Osram and are 100% authentic)

1) compared to standard lamps

  • Shipping time for out of stock products: 3-10 days
  • Standard packet contains 10 bulbs, quantities lower than 10 will be packed in nonstandard package

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6,00 Kn5,70 Kn5,40 Kn
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Product Description


The most powerful halogen truck light from OSRAM

Discover TRUCKSTAR PRO signal lamps – the brightest truck light from OSRAM with excellent value for money. With up to 100% more light than standard lamps, extremely long life and very high vibration resistance these 24 volt lamps are ideal for professional drivers while reducing downtime and fleet costs. Thanks to the high vibration resistance, TRUCKSTAR PRO lamps are suitable even for heavy duty applications. Due to their impressive brightness and more than double the service life compared to standard lamps, the lamps improve your safety while driving on the road.

  • Made in Germany (bulbs are supplied directly from Osram.  Large amount of “Osram” bulbs that are sold all over the internet for unrealistically low prices, are fake models and counterfeits of real Osram bulbs. They often come in fake boxes and for regular customer it is very hard to tell whether it’s real or not. It is advised for customers to check from whom they buy Osram products! 

Additional Information

Working voltage



P21W, P21/5W (BAY15D), PY21W (BAU15S), R5W, R10W, T4W (BA9S), W5W (T10)



Luminaire type



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