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Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 12V – up to 110% more light – up to 20% whiter light (3700K)

NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H7_64210NBU_S_G10598645Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H7NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H4_64193NBU-HCB_FS_G10593264NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H4_64193NBU_S_G10598644Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H4NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H1_64150NBU-HCB_FS_G10593238NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H1_64150NBU_S_G10593189Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H1NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H3_64151NBU_S_G10593188Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H3NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H11_64211NBU_S_G10598646Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H11NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_HB3_9005NBU-HCB_FS_G10593846Osram Night Breaker Unlimited HB3NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_HB4_9006NBU-HCB_FS_G10593851Osram Night Breaker Unlimited HB4NIGHT-BREAKER-UNLIMITED_H8_64212NBU-HCB_FS_G10593283Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H8 64212NBU

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 12V – up to 110% more light – up to 20% whiter light (3700K)

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Price:70,00 Kn320,00 Kn 70,00 Kn319,00 Kn

  • Up to 110% more light on the road1)
  • Up to 40m longer beam of light1,2
  • Up to 20% whiter light1) (3700K)
  • Drivers spot obstacles and dangerous situations much sooner
  • Optimum light for more time to react
  • Patented blue ring coating for less reflected glare
  • More efficient light production thanks to optimized inert filling gas formula
  • Made in Germany (bulbs are supplied directly from Osram and are 100% authentic)
  • Base: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3 i HB4

1) Compared to standard halogen lamps
2) Depending of the bulb type

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Product Description



The strongest OSRAM halogen automotive light

With up to 110 % more light than standard lamps, the latest generation of the reliable NIGHT BREAKER® lamps outshines all other halogen automotive lamps in the market.

  • Made in Germany (bulbs are supplied directly from Osram.  Large amount of “Osram” bulbs that are sold all over the internet for unrealistically low prices, are fake models and counterfeits of real Osram bulbs. They often come in fake boxes and for regular customer it is very hard to tell whether it’s real or not. It is advised for customers to check from whom they buy Osram products! 

Additional Information

Working voltage



H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3 (9005), HB4 (9006)

Package type

DUO BOX (2 bulbs), SINGLE BOX (1 bulb)

Lighting color

3700K – warm white

Light output on road compared to standard bulb

up to 110% more

Light range compared to standard bulb

up to 40m longer

Lighting color compared to standard bulb

up to 20% whiter



Luminaire type


1 review for Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 12V – up to 110% more light – up to 20% whiter light (3700K)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Jel ima kakva garancija na žarulje?

    • :

      Poštovani, Osram na ove žarulje, kao i na sve ostale halogene (osim Ultra Life) ne daje garanciju, osim garancije da proizvod radi i da je ispitan, što je i potvrđeno originalnim žigom kojim je zapečaćena kutija.

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