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EK Lighting Q4S Super Slim CANBUS Xenon HID ballast 12V

EK Lighting Q4S fast start CANBUS balast
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EK Lighting Q4S Super Slim CANBUS Xenon HID ballast 12V

Price:270,00 Kn

Ballast type: CANBUS digital with AC output
Electronics: ASIC
Ballast size: Super slim, 85x12x69 mm
Power / Working voltage: 35W±1W / 8-17V
Working conditions: -45c to +105c
Characteristics: shock resistant, water & dust proof
Lifetime: over 4000h
Certificates: CE, RoHS, E13, EMC
Manufacturer: EK Lighting Limited

  • works without OBC errors on 99,9% of cars (including BMW E90/E91/E92/E93)
  • Anti-EMI: S95/54/EC (no audio interference)
  • 3M self adhesive tape included (very easy kit installation)
  • Prices are expressed per 1 ballast and in Croatian kuna (kn) currency

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Product Description

  • High/Low Temperature Tested
  • IEC68-2-6 Tremor Tested
  • EN60529 Waterproof & Dustproof Tested
  • DIN Tested
  • IEC Anti-impulse Tested
  • Instant high/low voltage Tested
  • 10,000 time/one minute open circuit Tested
  • EMC CISPR22 guard against Hertzian waves
  • Anti-Electromagnetism Interference : S95/54/EC

Characteristics of EK Lighting HID ballasts:

Modern processor: all EK Lighting HID ballasts have most modern ASIC processor that runs all main functions of ballast
Reliability: ASIC  processor inspects main parameters of ballast, and ensures that ballast always works in optimum conditions. If one of main parameters comes to edge of optimal working condition, ASIC will automatically adjust current, voltage or frequency to return working conditions to optimal.
Safe Guard: all ballasts have protection against short current, over or under voltage and reverse voltage.
AC output: all ballasts have AC (alternating current) output that stops bulbs from flickering which is present on DC ballasts.
Slim: Modern ASIC technology secures less weight and small dimensions of the ballast.
Working conditions: EK Lighting Q4S ballast works on temperatures from -45c up to + 105c and is shock resistant, water and dust proof.
CANBUS: EK Lighting Q4S ballasts works efficiently without OBC errors on 99,9% cars on the market.

EK Lighting CANBUS HID ballasts are required for new vehicles that have modern CANBUS diagnostic system that is controlling bulbs. With them installed, cars work without OBC errors (burned bulb error). EK Lighting CANBUS HID ballasts don’t interfere with car electronics like car stereo.

Additional Information

Weight 405 g
Working voltage


Canbus ready



EK Lighting

Start current


Luminaire type



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